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Caterham FireBlade


The First EVO Magazine Track-day Car of the Year

Starter Package

Option Packages

In order to take the Caterham FireBlade from a pure track car to a road legal car it is necessary to acquire the Lighting Package from this options list. It would then be necessary to have the vehicle pass an SVA test and be registered and taxed.

Lighting Package (including 5-3/4“ headlamps in chrome or black)......
Wide Track Front Suspension - upgrade package......
Limited Slip Diff - upgrade package.......
Windscreen and Wipers Assembly......
Paint - standard colour.....
Paint - metallic colour......
Paint - custom designs from......
Quick Release Steering Column......
FIA Cut-off Switch Assembly......
Tonneau Cover - FIA bar/race seats......
Tonneau - FIA cage/race seats......
Momo Steering Wheel......
Alloy 2 pot brake calipers (front)......
Alloy 4 pot brake calipers (front)......
Wind Deflector - full width, black (JPE style)......
Harness 4-point, made by Willans (black)
Fibreglass to Carbon Upgrade (nose & four wings)......
Billet machined alloy front hub x 2 (price is supply only)......
Drilled front brake disc x 2 (price is supply only)......
Tax Disc Holder - alloy......
ACES SureShift - multistage shift light - pre-programmed for C-FB.....
NOMEX Oil Hoses with anodised alloy JIC couplings. Very lightweight......

Used engine unit prices £1,500 - £1,800 approx. (customer to supply)

£ 230.00
£ 775.00
£ 353.00
£ 547.00
£ 412.00
£ 795.00
£ 147.00
£ 59.00
£ 200.00
£ 200.00
£ 112.00
£ 400.00
£ 558.00
£ 139.00
£ 141.00
£ 223.00
£ 105.00
£ 20.56
£ 195.00
£ 125.00

The remaining packages are predominantly standard Caterham packages, but with items unique to the Caterham FireBlade included where necessary.

Front Suspension Package: £470.00
De dion type wishbones, springs and dampers.
Upright Package: £450.00
Fully assembled upright with hub, caliper and brake disc.
Steering Package: £230.00
Caterham cast alloy 8% quick steering rack and steering column.
Rear Suspension Package: £300.00
Springs and damper units.
Axle Package including special crown wheel and pinion: £875.00
The Caterham FireBlade requires a special ratio crown wheel and pinion which is extremely hard to find, therefore we have them specially manufactured.
Tyres: £334.00
Set of 4 Yokohama A032R (2 x 185 & 2 x 205). The tyre that set the standard by which others would be judged. It has multi-radius tread profile, symmetric tread pattern and advanced high grip tread compound.
Miscellaneous Package: £605.00
Flush fitting alloy fuel filler cap; Alpha steering wheel and boss; central, near and off side mirrors; oil pressure warning light; plus all the required items from the Caterham miscellaneous package.
FIA Roll Over Bar: £168.00
Made from cold drawn steel. The bar is higher and stronger than the standard item and it is also the minimum requirement of roll over bar for a Lotus 7 Club track-day.
Five Point Harness (1x): £138.00
Essential for track driving as the crutch straps prevent ‘submarining’. The harnesses make you feel like a part of the car, which in turn gives better feed-back whilst cornering.
Seat (composite race seat x 1): £270.00
Tillet fiberglass race seat (R500 style) with integral head restraint. This helps position you lower in the car and again improves ‘seat-of-the-pants’ feedback when cornering.
Aeroscreen (RHS x 1): £58.00
Single Perspex wind deflector.

Dry-Sump & Reverser

Axle, Hubs & Brakes

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