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Caterham FireBlade


The First EVO Magazine Track-day Car of the Year

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Live Axle & Hubs

Less mass also means that changing direction can be achieved with more ease and precision. Wide track front suspension is an option, as is a live axle thatís been modified with disc brakes (disc brake and alloy hub conversion discontinued) and specially designed alloy hubs, which give the ability to switch between either a Ford or Ital stud pitch and thus increase the choice of available wheels. Similar alloy front hubs are available.

In this context, with such a light car, the live axle is under much less stress than in other applications. All in all the Caterham FireBlade is a very well balanced car, its compact engine unit is located further back in the chassis than other engines and over towards the passenger side.

Front Brakes

The massive reduction in weight, brought about by using the Honda engine, carries with it a positive knock-on effect in many other areas. For example, itís not necessary to have large 4 pot brakes to wash the speed away. The job can be done equally as well with a set of the optional Alcon lightweight aluminium 2 pot calipers, which reduces weight further, and in this instance itís unsprung weight. The Caterham FireBlade really does adhere to Colin Chapmanís philosophy that Ďless is moreí.

Dry-Sump & Reverser

Axle, Hubs & Brakes

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