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Caterham FireBlade


The First EVO Magazine Track-day Car of the Year

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Caterham-FireBlade News Archive:

May 2002 Result - Lotus 7 Club Curborourgh Sprint
A thrilling final run saw Roger Swift pilot Alan Maynardís Caterham FireBlade into 2nd place in Class 5, just 78/100th of a second behind the R500 of Richard Ince. Other Class 5 runners included Peter Carmichael (3rd place) in his 255bhp K-series Caterham and Arnie Webb with his 280bhp Vauxhall powered car. All-in-all a very good showing for the 919cc Caterham FireBlade.

January 2002 - 369kg Caterham FireBlade displayed on the EVO stand at the Autosport Show. The lightest Caterham ever?

October 2001 Record Breaker - Caterham FireBlade sets a new World Record at 102mph - not impressed? - Well it was for going backwards. Remember, there are 6 sequential gears in reverse as well as forwards.

September 2001 EVO Magazine Track-Day Car of the Year

Against some tough competition the Caterham FireBlade has been voted track-day car of the year by EVO Magazine.

Picture by Guy Rossler

Bike engined car goes to bikerís cafe. (left)

The first Caterham FireBlade delivered to the USA is put through itís paces on a private test track. (above).

Richard Meadonís Caterham FireBlade
Follow his carís progress in EVO Magazine.

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