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Caterham FireBlade

Foam Baffle problems, like brakes, also seem to be a regular theme. The two pictures (left) are of the sump and oil pick-up pipe from a car that came through the workshop. This car started to indicate a drop in oil pressure at a track-day. Fortunately it was a wet day so it wasn’t possible to push the car too hard. On removing the sump it was discovered that all of the remains of the foam baffle were jammed in the oil pickup. Only time will tell if permanent engine damage has occurred.

Horror Stories III

Pictured right - This is a Rover foam baffle which was broken up to such an extent it caused a zero oil pressure situation. Luckily the customer took note of the gauge, and extra oil pressure light, and stopped before any damage was done. The baffle had supposedly been changed less than a year ago! It is advised to keep a good record of when baffles and belts are changed.

The things you find!
Two loose washers inside the bearing dust cap for example.

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Braided fuel pipes can look good, but they can also hide the fact that the rubber pipe within has decayed and is leaking fuel.

It is amazing how much stuff you can get into the boot of a Seven if you keep pushing! Pictured below is a possible explanation.

This alternator failed due to the cooling fan being removed. Why? Well it was hitting the brake pipes and the wiring harness. A better solution would have been to reroute the loom and the pipes.

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