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Caterham FireBlade

Sloppy ‘Race’ Preparation = No Brakes!

Pictured right is a steel hose clip that was so positioned and tied that it chafed into the soft copper brake pipe. The second picture shows the hole worn into the copper brake pipe.
Attention to detail is very important!

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Brakes are becoming a bit of a theme in the Horror Stories section!
Be careful where you tie your handbrake cable, preferably not to something that moves. In this picture (right) you can see that the handbrake cable was tied to the brake fluid pipe union on the de dion tube - so as the de dion tube was moving up and down the cable was sawing into the union. You can see that where the union should be round, it has a ‘cable’ sized groove worn into it.

If the primary pipes don’t fit just bend the chassis seems to be the answer here.

Another case with the silencer being too long, don’t worry about the rear wing being in the way!

Pictured here is a fuel filler hose past its best allowing fuel to spill onto the top of the tank and causing fumes.